ÄNG Vase

Design Eva Schildt
Äng has given us the possibility to arrange flowers in a new and pretty way. The beautiful pattern and structure lets the flowers fall into place and create a nice and organized flower decoration. Both the vase and the metal insert are made by hand which means each piece is unique.
Measurements: Small: H 9cm D 13cm, Large: H 10cm D 21cm, Mega: H 7cm D 40cm, Rectangular: H 9,5cm W 8,5cm L 32cm
Material: Glass, Brass
Varieties: Small: Brass, Black, Blue/green Large: Brass, Black, Blue/green Mega: Brass, Blue/green Rectangular: Brass
Care instructions

The brass has been varnished to be water resistant, but remember to wipe away any sap residue from the brass surface. If you leave the water in the vase for a long period without replacing it with fresh water, sap residue/particles might penetrate the varnish and the brass may become discolored. NOTE! Some types of plant fertilizers can affect the metal part. Wash the insert with water and non-abrasive washing detergent. It may be hard to remove sap that has penetrated the varnish – it is therefore important to make sure to immediately wipe away any plant residue. The brass insert will get patinated with time.

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