SALVIA Cutlery Shiny

Design Jonas Bohlin
Jonas Bohlin has designed the elegant and timeless cutlery Salvia. A beautiful, well-balanced cutlery that rests perfectly in the hand. The cutlery is made of 18/10 stainless steel. In order to make the blades sharp chromium steel is used, but this also means that the cutlery is not entirely able to withstand corrosion.
Care instructions:
All cutlery from Klong can be used with a dishwasher, but to ensure a long lifetime of cutlery follow these instructions:
Never leave the cutlery soaking in water.
Do not put knives and forks together into the dishwasher, this might result in stains.
Dry the cutlery as soon as they are washed.
Should there be corrosion or spots on the cutlery anyway – use a chrome polish, such as Autosol to clean them.

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