Photography: Tom Martinsen

Graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design 2007
Has worked in Holland at Droog Design and for Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz.
Has her own design studio in Stockholm. Initiator of Object Hood Design Studio, a loosely knit design team with different assignments with emphasis on conceptuality.





“I do not think I could begin with a form. All designs must begin with a thought, a need or a concept,” says Britta Teleman, like the shelf Strapp, a showcase among the Klong designers.
She likes to try new materials and wants each design to be as “green” as possible. Environmental aspects in the design process is an important condition. These products will last long, both in quality and in design. Joining together the parts without using adhesives is one of the challenges.
She will gladly speak about something she calls “objecthood”. It is really a philosophical term that describes how a thing becomes something. The term is related both to the object’s properties and its relationship to other things and to us humans. An object has no justification if it doesn’t affect us or if it doesn’t create a relationship with its users, she says…and nor does the designer – if he or she designs meaningless things.
In her design, focusing on interior products, Britta Teleman uses different ideas with unconventional shapes, materials or functions creating her unusual products. They are both simple and feel strangely obvious even if you’ve never seen anything like it before. Her worm-like table lamp is a conversation piece and a perfect example of this.