Photography: Tom Martinsen



Beckmans School of Design, Design program, 1998–2001

Has her own design studio, Studio Eva Schildt, also lectures at schools of design in Sweden and abroad.






Eva Schildt is convinced the people actually do not change that much throughout time but that their surroundings do, constantly. This plays an important part of her desing. In a careful respectful manner she combines tradition with a touch of playfull modernity  – a gentile provoking. A functional piece with a poetic characteristic strive for more. Developing, Eva Schildts is commonly associated with nature and organic. She has designed furniture, lamps, home appliances, jewelry, toys, textile and packaging. The foundation of her ideas she describes: ”Behind all design there is a human, an experience. When you are present you have something real to share. If you really wish to affect someone you have to expose yourself without the fear of being perceived as redundant.”