Photography: Johan Månsson




Beckmans School of Design, 1992–1995


Lives and works in Stockholm and Skåne as designer and interior stylist, free-lance. Part-owner of design bureau Reuterswärd Månsson Design.







Filippa Reuterswärd enjoys creating contrast in-between shape and material.
The goal is to create an object personal and simple in a timeless way. She reveals that she constantly has new ideas but the process of creating is similar whatever the type of material. ”I am struck by the idea and then pay a lot of time trying to perfect it”, she says.
Filippa Reuterswärd is curious and open minded. She has worked with scenography, industrial design and carpentry of furniture. Either way her own design is what she returns to and for her it is all about: vases, cutlery, candleholders, furniture, textile och glas.